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Born in Lisbon, Portugal in 1970, Nuno Maldonado Tuna started his career at the early age of 17 at Ideiagrafix, a small but dynamic design studio where he was introduced to the basis of design.

As a freelance story-boarder he worked for several international advertising agencies such as Lintas, EuroRSCG and Leo Burnett (as former Abrinício).

Throughout his career he developed partnerships with several design and architecture professionals and participated in jewelry, furniture and industrial design joint ventures.

Paintball started has a hobby twenty years ago but soon turned in to a business opportunity which quickly led him to achieve Chief Designer functions for several years in various sports equipment companies such as Tomahawk, Psycho and Swell Sports. This gave him the opportunity to get his work known abroad, mainly throughout Europe and the US.

He spent a few years working as an illustrator for the pharmaceutical industry but despite being specially oriented for illustration his core work has been all about corporate and brand identity.

Although he illustrated a few book covers, he just debuted in the editorial world a couple of years ago as a weekly cartoonist, art director and co-owner of a nationwide newspaper.

Nowadays, Tuna is co-owner of Lisbon Features ACT Media, a Lisbon based content production agency.

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