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The New York Academy of Sciences is an independent, not-for-profit organization that since 1817 has been driving innovative solutions to society's challenges by advancing scientific research, education, and policy. With more than 22,000 members in 100 countries, the Academy is creating a global community of science for the benefit of humanity. Please visit us online at and follow us on Twitter at @NYASEvents.


Welcome to the New York Academy of Sciences' Vimeo Page.

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1. This page/group is provided to help share some of the content and activities of the New York Academy of Sciences, as well as to provide a venue for public discussions on the sciences and science careers.

2. The content that we post here is available for free and you are welcome to share it with others both online and offline, but we ask that you credit us if you do share our content and that you link back to our website.

3. We want to foster collegial and professional discussions about the sciences. As a community dedicated to communicating scientific information to improve the lives of others, we hope you will uphold community standards of civility and courtesy. To that end:

a. We encourage you exchange ideas here;

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d. If you engage in any of the above, or other behaviors we deem harmful to this community, we reserve the right to block or delete you and your content without prior warning or explanation.

Thank you and we look forward to building stronger scientific community with you,
The New York Academy of Sciences

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