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Hi, I'm Jason Doyle. I'm a third year computer science student focusing on music, media, and performance technologies. I've just completed a 6 month internship as a Web Developer working for one of the worlds biggest investment banks. I consider myself a multimedia specialist having previously studied Sound Engineering in the Sound Training Center in Dublin and I've worked in the industry doing everything from Live Sound, Studio Recording, DJing, Promoting, Playing in Bands to my most recent pursuit Sound Design and Foley. I also have a good working knowledge of many creative visual tools including the Adobe Suite, Jitter, vvvv, Openframeworks and Processing.

My aims going forward are to build rich immersive web content paying particular attention to the newest WebAudio API combined with the best visual Javascript libraries available such as Processing, Three, and Paper. I'm also working on various movie soundtracks whilst building up my own portfolio of sound. I'm also working towards software development for Mobile Technologies having received a great grounding in Max MSP prototyping software designing various video players, synthesizers, and drum machines. Its my intention to use that knowledge and apply it to Android, iOS, and Windows 8 Development platforms.


One of my aliases music can be found here

My Sound Design experiments can be found here

More Soundtrack Work here

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