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User Bio is New Zealand biggest snowboarding website and community. is a snowboard site made by snowboarders for snowboarders. There is no corporate middle man and is Kiwi local and 100% Kiwi owned and operated.

New Zealand has a massive snowboard scene with people from North to South and from all over the globe loving to shred and the lifestyle that comes with it. is designed to give all those involved in snowboarding the chance to speak up and have their thoughts heard.

With, we have created a template where anyone from first timers to snowboard wholesalers can input news, photos, features, info, questions and queries and use our site to speak their mind and keep the snowboard community up to date with the latest with what's going on within the scene. isn't trying to come out and be the biggest, most shaka extreme website on earth but we are here to be able to create a hub for all things snowboard related in NZ. We really need YOU and your friends to get behind it for to work, so sign up and get involved as this is a site for all snowboarders and that includes YOU!!!'s goals are:

* To create a constantly 'up to date' snowboard website
* To create a hub for all things snowboard related throughout the NZ industry
* To provide a template for all snowboarders to express their thoughts and opinions
* To promote snowboarding in a positive light
* To cover all aspects of the snowboard industry

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