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This wandering artistic device organizes meetings between artists, creator of project, and the public. The objective is to initiate a dynamics of exchange and reflection with the public. It is not only a question of sensitizing young people and adults but also of forming teaching and students around the development of a project.


  1. a_BAHN
  2. Karni and Saul
  3. SilaSveta
  4. Abteen Bagheri
  5. Boîte Noire
  6. jerome guiot
  7. Quentin Devillers
  8. Animal
  9. Sam Hodge
  10. NOVALAPSE Timelapse Recordings
  11. Andrew Thomas Huang
  12. Shooting Gallery Asia
  13. Romain Tardy
  14. Decktwo
  15. schoenheitsfarm gmbh & co.kg
  16. The Observatory
  17. Christopher Hewitt
  18. Variable

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