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In our attempt to change the world, we ended up producing films
At least we tried. O-BeaR-O

What do I think about creating story's from my own imagination? I cant think of a better career. With passion & vision there is excellence

O-BeaR-O (õberèõ) adj. 1. Expressing a quality thought of apart from any particular or material object [beauty is an obearo word] 2. Abstruse and theoretical. [Synonyms] abstract, artistic 3. Manifesting humor with art. [The man was so OBeaRO on stage, every one peed their pants]. 4. Slang for brilliant.

OBeaRO is a character I created that reminds me of my role here in this world. He was meant to blossom others and create unity. He was created to create refection. He was created to show others what I can do and who I am.

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