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The Observatory, an independent avant rock band and an experimental music group based in Singapore, creates music that is more than just a distinct sound. Their prolific output of five albums and their artistic emphasis on improvisation reflect a deeper intent, to break down inhibitions and undermine the mechanical way of commercial music-making. The gang of four – Leslie Low, Dharma, Vivian Wang and Bani Haykal – draws inspiration from their Southeast Asian roots and contemporary heroes of new music and art. Their sound changes with every release and project, fusing unconventional structures, Asian rhythms, bold arrangements, improvisation, thought and expression, while borrowing from random music styles to stir up a potent concoction of emotionally powerful extremes.

The Observatory represents a creative force powering musical exploration in all forms unexpected. The Observatory tirelessly pursues its programme of international touring, collaborative work with theatre and other arts disciplines, whilst challenging the perception of music and invigorating audience appreciation for work that is experimental, thought-provoking and unpredictable.

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