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Oculus is Latin for eye. Without eyes one cannot watch a film, let alone make one. For us, the essence of film lies in this expressiveness: show — don't tell.

Oculus Film, founded in 2007, makes such expressive films: fiction films, corporate films, wedding reports, animations, commercials. Films of Oculus are mostly a complete product from pre- to postproduction: from scenario to preparation, shooting and editing. This also includes selecting the right voice-over and music and subtitling your film.

Apart from actual filming with a camera, part of our business is animation. Normally we animate a catching intro for your film with an animated logo, but we animate even entire films in 3D or 2D.

We are located in Delft, in between The Hague and Rotterdam (Netherlands) and close to Amsterdam. We have projects in the whole country, work with international clients and shoot on location elsewhere in Europe as well, such as in Italy, France, Spain and Germany.

In our approach the aestethics of the image are key, but content is still king. That is why we always look for the best possible way to show the content to advantage. This can lead to a special form, but also to not detaching of the conventions. Conventions are there for a reason.

If a project demands it, a cinematic look can be opted for. This means working with a shallow dept of field and a dolly to create moving shots. The light is especially important: cinematography is just like photography, but with the added dimension of time: Filmmaking is writing with light in time. So, if possible, we will use lights and reflection screens to enhance the image.

We believe that film is a visual medium. We focus on the image and what happens in the frame. Voice-overs and dialogues are supporting. In that way film is used much more expressively and according to the credo "show — don't tell."

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