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  1. Film School - Filmmaking

    by Tommy Rodriguez joined

    2,028 Videos / 23.6K Members

    Learn everything you need to know to make your movies, videos or audiovisual projects here in the Cinemacuteo free Film School. 6/19/2008 Join this new community where we can share our knowledge…

  2. Vimeo Deutschland

    by ichbinsprecher.de joined

    1,247 Videos / 198 Members

    Hier versammelt sich die deutsche Vimeo-Community: Filmemacher, Regisseure, Cutter, Kameraleute und viele mehr.

  3. German / Deutsch

    by Stefan joined

    2,065 Videos / 490 Members

    A group for Vimeo's German speaking users and videos which are also in German. Eine Gruppe für Deutsche. ^^

  4. Mallorca - Ride 4 Life

    by Kamikazerider joined

    31 Videos / 8 Members

  5. Video I Like

    by simpledog joined

    508 Videos / 77 Members

  6. trials

    by bryan higgins joined

    95 Videos / 13 Members

  7. VeloVimeo

    by Soxiam joined

    7,603 Videos / 2,069 Members

    bicycle and cycling related videos on Vimeo. Let me know if you want to become a moderator.

  8. Trial Riders Group On Vimeo

    by Iman KamaliFar joined

    1,001 Videos / 126 Members

  9. Motion Graphic Artists

    by Danny Garcia joined

    75.2K Videos / 26.7K Members

    A place for all the creative people that create today's motion graphics for film, television, web, and everywhere in between! Don't forget to post (or link) your best work here. Especially…

  10. HD Extreme Sports

    by vinceslas joined

    42.7K Videos / 14.2K Members

    A group dedicated to extreme sports HD videos. Skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, paragliding, bunjee jumping, speedriding, freeboarding, base jumping, mountain biking, motocross, wheelchair…

  11. Bike Trials

    by Steven Wilke joined

    690 Videos / 180 Members

    This is a group to upload Bike Trials Videos to.

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