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My website: odilonvert.com

Current projects (mixed media):
Abbandonata: odilonvert.com/about/about-abbandonata/
Still In Utero: odilonvert.tumblr.com/

Where I show my love for my fellow experimentalists in film:
Cinema Experimentalis: cinemaexperimentalis.tumblr.com/
Cinema Experimentalis (Vimeo companion channel): vimeo.com/channels/677110

And if you like Facebook a lot more than anything, recently caved in to making a page there to keep news of some major projects and related all in one place... : facebook.com/jsharpeodiv

Last but not least, feel free to join my group On The Spot: vimeo.com/groups/69043

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  1. odilonvert commented on Ink Space
    My pleasure, looking forward to following your work!