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Office for Strategic Spaces (OSS) is an office of art and architecture founded in 1999 by Angel Borrego Cubero for the study of contemporary urban space and its economic, social and cultural implications. OSS's works include architectural design and research as well as implementation of strategies for organizing information to assist in decision making processes. Office for Strategic Spaces gets public attention when, in 2008, wins the competition for the Civil Registry of the Campus of Justice in Madrid.

Among recent projects: Design for the Exhibition "Feed Forward. El Angel de la Historia" curated by Steve Dietz held at LABoral Gijón, Spain in 2009-10; Masterplan for the Biennale of Art San José, United States, 2010; Research project on housing - "!Ensanche! / Pump Up Housing", the research "Mutant Bridges" etc. The feature documentary "The Competition", directed by Angel Borrego Cubero and produced by OSS, was selected to open the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam'13 (AFFR) in what was the World Première. In 2014, "The Competition" has been selected to open the Copenhague Architecture Film x Festival (27 - 30 March).

"Pump Up Housing" has been a finalist at the Ibero American Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism 2012 in the category "Research", selected and exhibited at the International Festival of Architecture EME3_2012 in the category "Share It" and included by the Netherlands Institute of Architecture in its Agenda of Innovation.

Angel Borrego Cubero is a PhD in Architecture from the Universidad Politecnica (ETSA Madrid, Spain), MArch by Princeton University (New Jersey, USA) where he was a Fulbright scholar. He has taught at Princeton University, at Pratt Institute in New York, and at Universidad de Alicante. At present he teaches at the ETSA Madrid, Departamento de Proyectos de Arquitectura (DPA). While trained in Architecture, Angel Borrego Cubero has been developing an interdisciplinary body of works that deal with issues such as the contemporary urban condition, the negotiations between private and public space, violence, surveillance, fictions in architecture..
Using mainly site specific installations, new media and video installations, his work has been exhibited in internationally acclaimed venues such as the Art Fair ARCO, the Museum of Modern Art Reina Sofia, LABoral etc.

The editorial Vibok Works is editing a book on OSS's works, titled "ONTOPIAS". The book is being crowd funded on Book-a platform

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