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Off Tempo is a multi-media archive project predominantly covering music in Seattle and other music hotbeds of Northwestern Washington. The project is focuses on local and touring musicians performing in alternative venues in all-ages / DIY communities.

Off Tempo began as a loose project that documented local music in the Tri-Cities, Washington, from 2007 - 2008 at the 321 Art Space. Recording resumed in 2008 - 2009 in Bellingham, Seattle and in other cities across the United States. Since early 2009 to the present day most documentation and recording takes place in Seattle and Olympia

All of the audio recordings are done in all-ages spaces (houses, shops, galleries, DIY venues) and are submitted to and aired on Hollow Earth Radio, a local online community radio station based in Seattle, WA.

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  3. Faron Square
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  6. Diskotopia
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  8. Christian J Petersen
  9. Robbie Augspurger
  10. Skrot Up
  11. Jodi Darby
  12. Christian Filardo
  13. Elisa Da Prato
  14. Alex Penrose
  15. Mark Schoneveld
  16. All Our Noise
  17. kelsey smith
  18. Do it for the girls

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