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André Montage is the alter ego of Andrés Arias a New York based filmmaker. []
He is currently working on his film titled "The Tooth Fairy”, a documentary of a modern day dentist in her altruistic care for others and her constant search for love. Besides that he is also developing a story about his grandfather’s harrowing airplane accident and his survival during a secret military mission on WWII. A mystery to be solved, using the journal his grandfather wrote!
He graduated with two bachelor’s degree in art and a minor in film studies, and continued his studies finishing a Master’s degree, the MFA in Social Documentary at the School of Visual Arts on 2013.
His mentor has said this about him :
“In the last few years, I've discovered that Andres is a dramatist, a filmmaker, a raconteur, and most importantly, a young artist who has the innate ability to create compelling stories. The short films he made in my directing classes were inspired by his Latin American spirit, and his work is imbued with a magical realism.” 
“Andres is a documentary filmmaker with a flair for performance. His teatromanía - his love for theater - gives his work a unique bent.” -Michel Negroponte.

André has participated in several film projects and other film related events since 2006 and was Andrés was instrumental in advancing cultural richness through cinema in his town. Now living and working in NYC, he works in all the phases of filmmaking, from pre production, through production and post.

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