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Firenze, Italy

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Olga Pavlenko’s work is based on an intellectual considereation spawned by a reflection on the theme of identity and memory, as seen
through the eyes of an artist who has been constantly moving from one country to another for many years. Her entire artistic output,
whether it be video-art, sound installations or performances, is designed to prompt her audience to acquire awareness in an attempt to
breathe life into pure experience, divorced from any material purpose or duration, through an event, a debate or a sound. The analysis
of cultural diversity, the critical interpretation of traditional values and the perception of time are themes that constantly reappear in
her work, varying in accordance with the artistic medium she adopts. The attrition between her native culture (she is from Ukraine) and the
culture of her adopted home in Italy, two distant and at times irreconcilable ways of sensing and of judging, is palpably present in her
work. But Pavlenko’s origin is by no means the principal focus of her research; rather, it gives her a sense of detachment that allows her
to observe her surroundings from a distance, like a kind of tool with which to measure empty spaces and verify the way in which things can
belong to different cultural realities.This oscillating viewpoint, which is such a characteristic feature of her work, is to be found also in
her Le Storie, a project in which she gave immigrant families cameras and asked them to photograph the family as it performed its domestic
chores. This operation allowed her to cast a neutral gaze on her subject matter, without letting it be influenced by any kind of stereotypical
distortion.Her need to engage in debate and dialogue on art has prompted her to share her studio with other artists, setting up
a group called .LAB, which consists of ten artists of different nationality working in a synergetic fashion, creating events in which they
trigger processes capable of involving the audience: different viewpoints that join together in the collective vision of an art that cannot
be separated from life.
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