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Rotterdam, the Netherlands

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Olger Grandia is a young photographer from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. His focus lies on model photography with a preference for working on location. "Locations offer the opportunity to realize a far more creative image than inside a studio. This is because the surroundings support the story you wish to tell." said Olger.

As a child Olger has always been creative with drawing his favorite cartoon characters. His urge to turn the images inside his mind into something tangible later resurfaces when he starts designing his own T-shirt collection. Years later he gets a hold of his first camera. That's when he realized that with that equipment he could realize the images from his imagination like never before. "The most beautiful part about photography is that you can create something with other people which originated inside your mind."

Since the start of his company Olger has worked with many national and international models, make up artists, wardrobe stylists and fashion designers. His work has been published in international fashion magazines and on several fashion websites. FashionTV also has made several behind the scenes videos of his photo shoots, which have been aired for an audience of 500 million households in 193 countries. He has also cooperated as a photographer during the broadcast of the Dutch TV show from SBS6 called 'Alles is Liefde'.

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