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Combining digital craftsmanship with creative thinking...

Hi, my name is Oli Geal. I'm a passionate and inspiring Digital Design Director who is currently working at London agency Brave. I have a combined background in digital marketing, broadcasting and design. I have over 10 years agency experience working with clients such as Panasonic, Nokia, Sony Pictures, Unilever, Gillette, Brown Forman, John Frieda, Dyson and Moet, on activities ranging from integrated advertising campaigns to broadcast commercials.

Passionate about creativity from conceptual thinking to delivery, I enjoy working with a team to deliver a variety of cross-media projects which all have in common engrossing storytelling and a sense of joy. Leading a team of art directors and studio designers. A visible presence both from a clients relations perspective, as well as being involved in strategy, taking briefs, presenting conceptual work and all the way to the delivery of innovative creative communications.

Nothing is more compelling than a powerful idea beautifully executed!

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