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  1. Ableton Live

    by Infrasonik.com

    395 Videos / 254 Members

  2. Cats videos

    by diamondbabes usa

    309 Videos / 220 Members

    Funny cats videos

  3. DIY music machines

    by Fibra

    133 Videos / 136 Members

    ONLY DIY: synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, MIDI controllers, FX... anything DIY that makes, alters or controls the sound.

  4. Electronic Music Gear Haven

    by Reggie Tidwell

    1,312 Videos / 395 Members

    Any and everything electronic music-related. Studio tours, gear and software tutorials, tips and tricks, reviews, etc. If you are a fan of Moog, Dave Smith, Korg, Oberheim, Arp, Abelton Live, Pro…

  5. Electronic Music Production

    by LoopTV

    2,933 Videos / 1,304 Members

    This is a group for music producers, DJs and composers of electronic music to join. We welcome submissions of Music Videos, Music Production Tips & Tricks, Kit Reviews, Sample CDs, Tech News,…

  6. elektroaktivisten | User Video

    by elektroaktivisten

    3 Videos / 374 Members

    our electronic music video group on vimeo. join elektroaktivisten group and show us your electronic music video. To show your quality video please upload them here

  7. em411

    by celibacyclub

    438 Videos / 201 Members

    em411.com is a community of electronic music makers, that help eachother out and share feedback on musics and whatnot. sadly em411 does not have a video section, but we now have this! its pretty…


    by Synth-Petersburg Promotion

    27 Videos / 11 Members

    Futurepop is a type of electronic dance music which uses influences from synthpop (like song structure and vocal style), uplifting trance (grandiose and arpeggiated synthesizer melodies), and EBM. The…

  9. I have an OMNICHORD

    by ChriZZZ Emerson

    12 Videos / 4 Members

    THis is the super kick balls group for all the peeps out there that be rockin the omnichord. which i guess is alot more than i thought. So if you love life and omnichords SEND ME A DOLLAR. or just join.

  10. Indie, electro & new wave

    by juan camilo chaves

    56 Videos / 28 Members

    Este es un espacio PLURAL de discusión sobre música. Todo lo relacionado con la historia y la vanguardia del Indie, el Electro y el New Wave en Bogotá, Colombia y el mundo! Únase…

  11. iPhone Apps

    by Robin van Doorn

    236 Videos / 180 Members

  12. Live Music

    by Mark Schoneveld

    12.9K Videos / 2,080 Members

    A group to share your live music clips.

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