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Charlottesville, VA

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Olivia Morgan is a 4th year Architecture student at the University of Virginia and a 20-plus year student of life.

Assisting with the renovation of her family’s 80 year old beach cottage, Olivia sensed that beyond the scraping, sanding and painting, there was a higher calling in architectural restoration. These new found skills led to her position of Technical Director for all her high school theatre productions.

Her fascination with making things has continued to lead to various pursuits, among them, fine arts, theatre and woodworking. Her aspirations to become a professional model maker, drives her design process and attention to detail. Olivia hopes to continue her work through specialization in miniature fabrication with a strong background in architectural model making.

Olivia, now one of the top students in her studio, looks forward to finishing up her undergraduate education, and a future career as an architect/model maker.

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  • Olivia - This is my portfolio site featuring my architecture, art and general design work


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