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“Olivier Héraud is a film director, scriptwriter and actor.

Olivier has won several awards including one for his short film "C’était donc ça ma vie" ("So that was my life") in which a deceased pigeon reflects upon his journey after being brutally mown down in the streets of Paris. Following this success, Olivier moved on to create several web series, including his rather unconventional demo reel, which runs over 3 episodes! Olivier also single-handedly wrote, directed and edited Daisy Lambert’s "My Pearl" music video and has written and directed a number of advertisements for major brands such as Nissan and Babolat.

Through his original, sometimes peculiar, but always poetic vision he is able to develop a unique atmosphere to befit the tales his films tell. He has a distinctive sense of humour that teeters on the verge of absurd, all the better to reflect the farcical nature of life.”

Website // olivierheraud.com

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