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  1. Color Grading Tutorials

    by Max Col joined

    229 Videos / 1,082 Members

    This group is created for all people, who are interested in color correction, grading and painting in motion picture or movie. Please only upload video tutorials or some other teaching tips &…

  2. Good, True & Beautiful

    by Uwe Lansing joined

    2,314 Videos / 3,759 Members

    Whatever is good, true and beautiful - this is the room to show it...

  3. Twixtor

    by Mark Kuczewski joined

    1,073 Videos / 1,069 Members

    This is for any video using Twixtor to slow them down in any way

  4. Canon 5d mark II Pro

    by Scott Zoller joined

    11.1K Videos / 3,459 Members

    This is the group for professional videographers using the Canon 5d Mark II for professional use. The best of the best. Commercials, Music Video, Journalists, Documentaries, etc. No first test, amateur,…

  5. Canon HD

    by Bulent Ozdemir joined

    5,561 Videos / 1,722 Members

    The Canon HD Group.

  6. We Are All Made Of Stars

    by Jason Chen joined

    1,642 Videos / 1,042 Members

    Time-lapse photography of the night sky.

  7. Impressionism

    by JMS joined

    67 Videos / 19 Members

    Inspired by Impressionism

  8. Canon Filmmakers

    by Cristina Valdivieso + Jon Connor joined

    41 Videos / 840 Members

    A group for contests and video challenges created by CanonFilmmakers.com For more info on our first challenge either go to the forum in this group or to: http://canonfilmmakers.com/blog/2010/11/10/30-second-film-festival-challenge-1/

  9. Travel the World

    by SectionJake joined

    27.4K Videos / 7,659 Members

    Let's See where you've been!! Join the Tumblr Blog at http://travel-the-world.tumblr.com/

  10. Mac Creative

    by Simon Thomson joined

    14.3K Videos / 3,778 Members

    This group is for all those people who use Apple Macs to create their work. Whether you earn a living from it or are just a hobbyist we want to see what you can do with the power of a Mac. From iLife…

  11. Abstract

    by Andy Galletly joined

    17.3K Videos / 5,263 Members

    A place for abstraction, experiments with form/colour/movement/time

  12. Filmography & Editing Club

    by Olly Newport joined

    14.3K Videos / 4,214 Members

    Thanks for joining this club! Post your videos and files/production music (make sure you can post it first!) and share your wealth of film-making and editing knowledge.

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