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Graphic Design graduate Oliver Jennings fell into the world of film whilst documenting the process of sodium acetate crystalizing for an immersive installation brief from film maker Alex Reuben, ever since he's been interested in revealing hidden natural structures, soundscapes and pattern within unexpected objects

Olivers commissions include:

Akkord - Folded Edge (music video released on Houndstooth, Oliver is currently translating this into live visuals for an upcoming tour)

Synkro - Recognition (music video using microscopic footage)

Every Object has a Spirit - an exploration into revealing hidden sound from unexpected objects, from coffee percolators to giant river spanning suspension bridges. Primarily concerned with exploring and finding ways of generating hidden natural structures and patterns whether it be playing low frequencies through liquids in speakers to generate cymatic structures or using electrodes and polygraph machines to generate bio-feedback from plants and converting it into MIDI sound.

For bookings and enquiries please contact gavin@derelicht.com


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