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Born in Naples in 1979, Giacomo De Luca is a multimedia artist and VJ. His work starts with analog film experimentations and stop motion to settle on the most cutting edge hardwares and softwares of the live video technologies. His background include an ongoing research on video projection tools and techniques, a quest for unconventional screen materials, unusual shapes and custom aspect ratios, created everytime as a site specific work.
His last works include video-mapping projections on buildings, specifically designed to interact with the existing architecture through the use of light movements and suggestive sounds.
A parallel research is dedicated to the collection of video and image contents. These include abstract and generated graphics on the one hand, and figurative archive materials on the other hand. The latter are manipulated and assembled to form a visual collage of peculiar and ironic oppositions.
His works' close relationship with the auditory aspect led to sound synthesis experimentation, and eventually to the production of the tracks of some of his sets.
Giacomo audio-visual installations have been part of numerous events, expositions, multimedia performative arts festival as MUV ‹ music and digital art festival › (Florence), NEXTECH FESTIVAL (Florence), Salone del Mobile di Milano, Festival delle Culture Giovanili di Salerno, NU Fest (Padova), Expò Maison Object (Paris), Pitti (Florence), Carpisa Neapolis Festival (Naples), Uovo Performing Arts Festival (Milan), Cornetto Free Music Festival, Film Festival Achille d'Oro (Chieti), Stream Fest (Lecce), Irruzione Pubblica (Bari), Visual Berlin e LPM Roma.
As a VJ he performed in various prominent venues in the national and international clubbing scene. In 2010 he awarded as Best VJ at the Elettrowave Challenge.
He's currently based and Rimini and collaborates with multimedia production lab Officina Otomop.

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