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I'm an artist, architect, and an animator. I studied architecture and environmental design at the University of Houston. In 2011 I moved to New York City to pursue a masters degree in animation and visual effects at the School of Visual Arts. My graduate studies enriched me with new 3D and 2D skills such as concept art, matte painting, motion graphics, visual effects, modeling, texturing, lighting, animation and compositing. I'm a designer who focuses on the evolving relationship between art, architecture, and animation. I am known for translating my interests from design concepts into innovative abstract digital deconstructive visuals. Practice has given me the technical skills, methodology, and the historical perspective needed to create sophisticated body of works that synthesize the real, the imagined, and the surreal.

I am currently working as an architectural designer and 3D animator in NYC. Hope you enjoy all my works. I'm available for freelance work, don't hesitate to contact me at artisttavo@gmail.com


Best Wishes,

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