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Reawakening the Soul series 5 - (Gratitude, Inner Voice & Identity)

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Sundara Fawn, MFA, is a world-renowned artist, writer and mystic residing in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

Her artwork has been described as “transformational and healing” and through it she conveys her connection to nature and all spiritual paths. Sundara has been painting more than 25 years, and through her own personal growth and spiritual gifts has birthed a revolutionary self-empowerment program, called “Reawakening the Soul” – A Journey to Discover & Express Your True Nature. It includes: A 38 Wisdom Card deck using her artwork; Guidebook; Vision Quest Workbook; and Transformational Meditations/Videos.

“Dreaming this Dream we call life” is her motto. She explores with inner depth the dimensions of the worlds in which we exist, in essence, as all being a dream. Her paintings are her ministry and healing message to the world. Her goal is to inspire you to look deeper within yourself and feel presence of the Divine Spirit behind every breath.

Sundara Fawn and Altar Raye co-create transformational activations through art and video. Full of mystery and light, these videos empower you to experience your own unique journey towards enlightenment. As you incorporate your own personal story, you expand and transform your current reality bringing forth awareness and insights that lead to positive change. These sacred videos work on the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual levels allowing you to remove blocks, limitations and old belief patterns, shifting you into vibrant healthy patterns.

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