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About Roger Walch

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Roger Walch (*1965) is a Swiss born filmmaker and award winning director who has been living in Japan for more than 16 years.

Education and early career:

Roger obtained his MA degree in Japanese Studies and Social Anthropology from the University of Zurich (Switzerland) in 1996. He studied documentary filmmaking with Swiss director H.U. Schlumpf in Zurich and 16 mm filmmaking with Japanese director Katsu Kanai at the Image Forum Institute in Tokyo. Before coming to Japan, Roger worked as a movie theatre manager for an arthouse cinema in St.Gallen, Switzerland, and was editor-in-chief for a cultural magazine.


Roger directed his first short-film "Yuwaku 1" in 2002. "Yuwaku 2" was nominated for the Best Picture Award at the CO2 Short-Film Festival in Osaka 2005. The documentary film "Even a large River starts with a Drop of Water" won the Friendship Prize at the International Documentary Film Festival of the Aichi Expo 2005 in Japan and was broadcasted by Japanese and Swiss TV stations. In 2006 Roger was invited to show his art video "Teahouse of a Homeless Prince" at the Festival du The (Tea Festival) in Paris, France. In 2007 he was commissioned to make a documentary about Japanese photographer Iwaki Tadao. Roger directed the 63 minute long narrative feature film "Tengu" (starring Ted Taylor, Mimori Sento and Mikami Kan) in 2009. In 2010 the narrative "Children of Water" (51 min) followed. Roger produced and directed the 95 minute long documentary "KAN" about legendary Japanese singer/actor Mikami Kan in Spring 2013. It was shown at the TAMA NEW WAVE Film Festival and had a limited theatrical release in Japan.

TV Work:

In the past years Roger has been working as a camera operator and location producer for several European TV documentaries and reports for channels like FR 3, FR 5, SF1, TSR and MDR. He has also been shooting and directing a couple of music videos.


Apart from being a Filmmaker, Roger is a Freelance Writer and has been publishing articles about Japan and Japanese culture in newspapers and magazines such as NZZ, Tagblatt, Saiten, Kansai Time Out and He also published a photo book about Kyoto. Speaking fluent Japanese, he was a part-time commentator for the Fuji TV show "Nippon @ World".


Fluent in Japanese, English, German and French, Directing, Production Coordination for film shootings in Japan, Camera Operating, Final Cut Pro, Writing Skills.


Roger admires Japanese filmmakers Seijun Suzuki, Shuji Terayama and Shohei Imamura for their esthetic vision and their imaginative movies.

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