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Photo / video, created in June, 2010 by Adikpeto kossi "SERGE" is a company(society) of Report.
Fascinated by photo since any young, he took, in the statements of his circle of acquaintances of the rather particular photos, which had the originality.
DEBRAGUESS-image brings its know-how in France but also in the USA: Atlanta, New York, Washington DC and in AFRICA: Benin, Congo, Cameroon, South Africa....

est une société de Reportage Photo/Vidéo, créé en juin 2010 par Adikpeto kossi "SERGE".
Passionné de photo depuis tout petit, il prenait, aux dires de son entourage des photos assez particulières, qui avaient leur originalité .
DEBRAGUESS-image apporte son savoir-faire en France mais aussi aux USA: Atlanta, New York, Washington DC et en AFRIQUE : Bénin, Congo, Cameroun, Afrique Du Sud ....

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