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Hello. My name is Edmund B. Papp owner of Mermaid Hunter Films. 2013 was a busy year as we filmed The Sea Siren Reality Show starring Nikki du Plessis, a stunningly beautiful model/actress from South Africa. Now comes the hard part... incorporating all the spectacular footage we shot into a multi-media event that will go on a world tour in 2014.

In a nutshell the reality show is this: In only 30 days, can I take Nikki off the runway and train her to be able to swim (nude) to a shipwreck that is 35 feet deep - enter that wreck and pose for the camera. Remember she is breathholding the entire time with no safety divers and no SCUBA air source.

As a fund-raiser (creating a world tour event is expensive) all of Nikki's best footage will be available for sale / download for a limited amount of time. So watch her as I train her to hold her breath for over 2 minutes underwater - and to mentally prepare her for entering a shipwreck so far from the surface and life-giving air.

You might think some of my training techniques are unusual but they are time tested and they work... Our daily routine was exhausting. At least 2 training or swim sessions every day with Nikki diving deep the final two weeks. We had some close calls but in the end Nikki did not cut herself on the razor sharp barnacles, or freak out when she realized there was a rooftop over her head when she was 35 feet underwater holding her breath.

So I invite you to dive in and watch some special video footage... here is the link:

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