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About Gary Miller

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Bahamas Sports Network was established in 2004 as a subsidiary of VideoLab productions that was established 17 years ago. Presently, we have the largest archive of junior track and field events dating back to 2004. We are now growing in the area of athletic profiles in track, tennis, baseball, soccer, and soon to come – basketball. The passion is no wonder since our owner/founder;
Gary W. Miller is a former track collegiate athlete with two NCAA awards (1978/1979) for his part in representing Glasboro State’s 4 x 400 team.

Our mission is to continue to be the leader in documenting the history of athletes and the sport – the passion – that they represent for several reasons: “ A picture says a thousand words” – videography says ten thousand if not tens of thousands of words. If only for the pure, simple pleasure of the athlete’s memoirs for their own self motivation, their family, the heritage for their children and grandchildren, motivation for rising stars and a great source of pride and motivation for the community at large.

Videography so very well documents the discipline, the struggles, the self sacrifices, the tenacity of the athlete, the coach, the family and the support team. It is an awesome testament to the “glory of victory and the agony of defeat.” Videography is a priceless tool for the coach, the athlete as well as the competition in terms of analyzing strengths and weaknesses of their event.

It is our hope that watching these athletes and seeing their stories will bring countless hours.. countless years of joy, laughter and yearning/motivation for all who view to raise their personal bar a little higher and try a little harder to be the best that they can be in whatever their passion.

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