War In Heaven - Part 13 - The Rise

War In Heaven

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Founded by three former Hollywood film-crew members, Little Light Studios' mission is to develop eye-opening documentaries and seminars that unmask many of the twisted Biblical themes and deceptive moral ideals pervading the entire entertainment industry today, including movies, TV, music, video games ... and even sports and mainstream news.

It is our hope that a more sophisticated awareness and in-depth knowledge of what lies at the heart of many entertainment industry themes will allow families and individuals to more full distinguish, and clearly recognize, between well orchestrated authentic entertainment and subversive propaganda, which attacks the mind and rips apart the fabric of society.

With the firm belief that “Christian media” and messages need not be presented in lifeless or unattractive form, Little Light Studios seeks to inspire a new generation of talented young people to share their faith not only intelligently, but with creative passion.

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Joseph Ozan

Joseph Ozan


One of the best series I have watched on the theme of the Bible! I gave it 4 stars because the first in the series is missing (The Virus). The video labeled "The Virus" is actually pt 11 (The Battle Plan of the Beast) someone should fix this and my review would be 10 stars if possible!

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