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Mark Wallace is a photographer and photography instructor. You can learn more about his workshops at snapfactory.com

Mark is a member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). He shoots corporate portraits, model portfolios, product, editorial, travel, and stock photography.

Organizations using Mark's work include Henan-Prosper (the largest producer of wool products in the world), Ford Models, Allstate, National Public Radio, KB Home, Look Better Online, On Request Images, Sweet Image Management, The Scottsdale Police Department, The US Army, and a very nifty coffee shop in Australia.

Mark has been published in The Washington Post and his writings on roads in Bangalore were published in The India Times, a national Indian newspaper.

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Hi, is there part 8 to this. As Part 7 finishes afater 28:07 min and it finishes just at the point where Mark is trying to meter the light. Any suggestion.

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Speak Door


Like all Mark Wallace videos I have watched, this one teaches a variety of techniques coupled with gear explanations (awesome for those of us who don't live near a B & H superstore.) There are some nice asides concerning lighting theory and equipment history (!) which I also enjoyed. My only gripe would be that the questions fielded from the original web seminar (recorded live), are not edited, so Mark's ("live") responses can get lengthy at times. [like this review!] This should not deter the potential buyer, however. I have learned SO much from his tutorials.

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