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Kari Underly is a third generation Master butcher and author of the James Beard nominated book,  The Art of Beef Cutting.  She is the Principal of Range, Inc., a meat marketing and education firm based in Chicago, IL. Kari is known for her significant contributions to the meat industry.  She was instrumental in developing and introducing important retail cuts like the Flat Iron steak and the Denver cut to market.  Kari and her Range team created award winning meat marketing and educational campaigns for the Beef Check-off.  With a gift for teaching, Kari travels the country conducting meat cutting workshops and training sessions, and speaks frequently on the topic of retail meat marketing and merchandising. She is on the faculty at the IGA Coca-Cola Institute as the resident meat expert. When Kari is not creating or teaching, she is helping companies improve their bottom line. Kari's favorite cut is the Ribeye cap.  She calls it, "beef butter." 

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