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Ben is best known as the pith-helmeted, khaki clad original host and co-creator of PBS hit shows Wild Chicago and Wild Chicago’s Illinois Road Trip. Ben also created, hosted and produced Ben Around Town, a lively arts program that aired from 2000-2003, also on PBS. He has 8 Emmys and the coveted Studs Terkel Award to his credit.

Today Ben is busy presenting his amazing interactive live program, “What’s It Like To Be You?” for colleges, organizations and theatrical venues around the country. (whatsitliketobeyou.com)

Ben is a graduate of The George Washington University with a B.A. in American Literature. The year he graduated is immaterial.

Ben is married to an awesome lady named Julia Bunn. They live in Andersonville. He loves London and Kauai and is known in some circles as a gifted cat whisperer.

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