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One Minute Briefs is a concept brought to you by Nick Entwistle & James Clancy at The Bank of Creativity.

We want to change the way people think about advertising and believe that our One Minute Briefs concept can change the way we work which benefits the creative industry whilst also being great fun as it forces you to rely on your creative instinct.

One Minute Briefs produce some fantastic/funny ideas via interaction over Twitter throughout the creative industry and we have given numerous talks about OMB's including one at the art of new business at LBi, London and we also hosted a stand at the 2013 D&AD New Blood event.

We have also won an MPA Award for 'Next Big Thing' and a Fresh Award for 'innovation' finals and hosted an OMB talk at Freshtival.

Of course, all of this wouldn't be possible without our wonderful followers (the OMBLES)

The beauty of One Minute Briefs is that the ideas that come out of them can be really really shit or really really good. But you've only spent one minute on it so it's all good whatever happens. We often find that the first idea you have is the best.

We also want to hear from you. Please e-mail us at if you would like to collaborate with us on a project, event or workshop. Or just to say hello.

See our Twitter account at and 'Like' us on Facebook.

We hope you'll all get involved...if you've got a minute.

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