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Hello everyone! I'm Marissa and I work for

About Me:
I am a maker and appreciator of art, a lover of science and math, an astronomy buff, radio and sound engineer and an all around cyber nerd.

About Frequency:
We are a video indexing service and we just absolutely love vimeo and the level of content released here. Frequency also turns your Facebook and Twitter into a streaming video show. Its channel guide features the top 1,000 video channels across the web, including blogs like HuffPo and TechCrunch, networks like ESPN and HBO, and tons of indie news and viral video :)

[We also feature lots of vimeo vids!]

Check out our Vimeo Channel:

and the blog entry I wrote about our "Vimeo Staff Pick" Channel :)

Just a quick note - If I am following a group or channel, it most likely means we have a channel for them on Frequency! If you would like your vimeo group or channel to have a channel on Frequency do not hesitate to contact me!


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