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Tallenge has regular online film contests where film makers can compete against each other.
It also provides you with a platform to get noticed, win exciting cash prizes along with other opportunities. :)

Link to participate: bit.ly/ShortfilmContestV44

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  1. Siavash Shahabi
  2. matthew chuang
  3. Frank Desiront
  4. Chris Tevebaugh
  5. Bichon
  6. Rick Mereki
  8. Kevin C.
  9. Jane Qian
  10. Danny Sangra
  11. António Mendes
  12. Bethany Ruth Miller
  13. Ely Bam's
  14. Thomas Dunzendorfer
  15. Brian Harley
  16. Diego Contreras
  17. Lilton Stewart III
  18. Laura Marcato

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