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I am a professional commercial photographer specializing in sailboats, power boats and ships, and have been at it since 1987. I started shooting HDSLR video about 4 years ago with the Canon 5DMKII and then acquired the Canon XF300 camcorder in March of 2011 and love it!
I shoot my video assignments with the Canon XF300 and Canon 1 Dx & 5DMKIII cameras, Gopro, Aquatech housings, Manfrotto tripods, Lexar cards. Gyros by Kenyon Labs, Easyrig video cam supports, Lowepro, Camranger, Tiffen and SKB cases.

I was born in Holland, raised in South Africa and moved to the US in 1985. My office and gallery are located on Bannisters Wharf in Newport, RI. and I live in Jamestown, RI with my wife Tenley, three kids and a little pooch!

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