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OOMPHER is a motivational website which is made up of video interviews with some of the world’s most inspirational individuals. Our twenty-first century form of journalism stimulates and engages rather than discourages.

Our cutting-edge, revolutionary and innovative video interview website has one goal:

Inspiring people to achieve extraordinary things through wise words from leaders in their fields.

We are sitting down with the most inspirational innovators and dreamers of New Zealand, and indeed the world, to discuss their story, really delving into how they got to where they are, and, most importantly, how others can create their own journey moving into the future.

What does it take to achieve in their field?
How does one do this?
What are the appropriate next steps?


» Arts
» Business
» Entrepreneurship
» Innovation
» Journalism
» Politics
» Professions
» Sports
» Technology

In a nutshell OOMPHER will be a network of aspirational and motivated people creating their journeys and achieving their dreams.

We have a desire to inspire, and we hope you do too.

OOMPHER powered by BNZ. That’s the future.

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