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Openends Productions is led by Glenn Sluisdom. The organization is formed by a group of friends who know each other more than 14 years.

The members are:

Glenn Sluisdom (Writer, poet, painter, sculptor, filmmaker, cameraman, photographer, editor (with technical assistence), director, scriptwriter, concept creator and coach)
Marieke Wichers (Child psychologist, photographer, camera woman, sculptor, writer and poet)
Dagmar Gerritse (Lawyer, photographer, camera woman, poet)
Erik Aurik (Business consultant, marketing manager, trainer, photographer, cameraman, film editor and poet)

Openends Productions is supporting both individuals and organizations. This can be profit and nonprofit organizations, including the government and public institutions.
The purpose of Openends Productions is to serve. Every activity is based on servant leadership; the production of films, the coaching and supporting of people and the supervision to companies and institutions. This is a way of living for all the members of the group.

Please visit the Openends Productions Facebook page and give it a like:

Glenn Sluisdom can also be found at Facebook in the name of Greatfull Forlife

Also visit our YouTube Channel:

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