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Ponce, Puerto Rico

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Born & raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico. VDJ Optimux started to get involved in music at the age of 16. Once he turned 19, He moved to Japan, place that he lived for 2 years. He started to be a part Japan's Electronic Music Scene, while at the same time, he was representing the Hispanic community as well; being in the most important Latin events on the island. He is mentored and guided by some of the finest Video DJs that you can find in Japan and in the world. On the last couple of months, he has been working on taking his video editing and music production skills to another whole level. Also, he has been working on doing fusions between different music genres on audio & video, animations and many other things that can't be revealed at this time. Expect more to come really soon as he his going to be moving to Puerto Rico to finish his Bachelors Degree on Radio & TV Production.

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