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Ram Hernandez, an ex-CPA with 20 years business management experience for fortune 100 companies, is now an award winning media producer who has worked with Emmy award winning DPs,and grammy and platinum award winning artists. Ram has won many awards including two Telly, Pixel, REMI, DW Award, and numerous nationwide film festival awards for his creative short films and screenplays. He is now in post-production on his first feature length film, Phoenix Falling ( phoenixfalling.com ), starring Lesley Staples from Disney’s Calendar Girls and Emily Rae (“young Kate” from the critically acclaimed TV series LOST and “Rebecca Prince” from The Office, and Stephanie Greco from The Asylum's Hansel and Gretel).
Corporate and celebrity clients include Dwyane Wade, Wade Foundation, Barton G, Tommy Hilfiger, National Meningitis Association, Stanley Rosen Real Estate, Mia Shoes, Energy Telecom, Arquitectonica, Gioia Bruno (of Platinum Award winning Expose fame) and more.
Ram’s non-profit work has helped raise awareness and visibility for organizations such as the National Meningitis Association, Wade’s World Foundation, and DFYIT.

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