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The world of Orioxy is a world of contrasts where sweetness and intimacy mingle with wild organic energy. Their every composition is an imaginary creaking universe. Orioxy is a patchwork of diverse musical styles, film art, poetry and political news! From music box to oriental rhythms, via rock and electro-acoustic, they invite us to share in an adventure of delicate madness. Orioxy captures our attention by awaking an imaginary world that until now was hiding under our bed.

This project was born from the meeting of and Yael Miller Julie Campiche. Yael is an Israeli singer and composer whose varied inspirations have fused to form a new organic sound. Julie is a harpist and composer who has skillfully fuses her classical background and a love for improvisation as she thrusts her harp into the world of jazz.

Orioxy is also a meeting between Roland Merlinc, a melodic drummer, and Manu Hagmann, with his warm double bass and infectious groove. Resulting from their wide musical background and their attachment to the tradition of jazz, these two musicians provide a pulse and vibrant range of color to the group.

Orioxy toured Europe since 2008 between clubs and festivals and has won the grand jury prize at the Tremplin jazz d’Avignon 2013.


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