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OTEM2000 is a new concept consultancy which consists of a great group of engineers, architects and technicians focused on developing and manage projects under the Renewable Energy, Energy Recovery and distributed electricity generation. Our field of action: Smart & Green Cities, Marine and Automotive.

OTEM2000 steps began with the development of the project "Sustainable Cities. Motion is Energy". This was presented at the Smart City Expo World Congress 2011, held in Barcelona. We promote a new model of sustainability for cities through SmartFloors, SolarFloors, EnergyFloors and other solutions such as BIPV. Today we can generate electricity aprovechándos traffic of people and vehicles (EnergyFloors) or by using parts of buildings (BIPV). Autogeneramos clean electricity to reduce purchasing it, control the cost of it and its impact to the direct costs of a product. We help cities and industries to be more competitive and sustainable.

Other projects: Emarine Smart, Smart Kids & eVehicles and Energy. The latter flagship project within the family of social projects. A project that educates smaller schools to introduce the concept of Smart and Green Cities and solutions OTEM2000 team. We educate playing, dancing, etc ...

Commitment to our Customers and constant innovation. OTEM2000 team knows that the quality of service is based on the ability to understand the present and future needs of our customers and satisfy them in an ongoing activity can not lower our guard. This activity explains our upward trajectory and makes us keep our motivation. All using the PMBOK methodology.

So, one day OTEM2000 team envisioned a change .....

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