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“William “Ouiwey”Collins William”Ouiwey” Collins was born March 28. His mother, Patricia Johnson and father, William “Bootsy”Collins were both musicians. As he grew it became evident that the “musician gene” had been passed down to him. From the young age of eight years old, he began to teach himself how to play various musical instruments. While in the sixth(6th) grade his teacher noticed his musical abilities/talents and nominated Ouiwey and Alcatone, a lifelong friend of his, to be the first- ever rappers for The D.A.R.E.- “to keep kids off drugs” Program.
At the age of 19, he had begun to work with youth as a youth minister for The House of Joy Ministries in Cincinnati, Ohio. Here, he worked closely with children and teens from all over the tri- state area, in motivating them to have “life meaning”. His impact there has changed lives in the community.
In 2001, Ouiwey ventured from his hometown in Cincinnati, Ohio all the way to Japan, to go on tour with his band. There he spent three(3) years, on and off, before returning to the United States in 2005.
He moved to Birmingham, Alabama in 2006 and began working with Whosoever Ministries/The Basement( a local, and now, worldwide ministry). There he spread his talents among fellow members of the ministry, teaching them how to build graphics, do web-design, logos, etc.(another talent of his that was self- taught!) In 2008, he was honored at The First Annual Alabama Gospel Hip Hop Awards, where he won Producer of the Year for his production in multiple record productions in the Christian Hip Hop genre.
Ouiweys unmistaken ability, to bring “edge” and “flare” to anything he touches, is commonly spoken of his talents. Working alongside his father, Bootsy Collins, he has worked with the likes of George Clinton, Parliament, Snoop Dogg, Club Nouveau, D.O.C., DPB, The Machine Productions, D- Cat Music, Howard Hewitt and The Jimmy Hendrix Family Album. Other projects include vocals for the game, Donkey Conga, Theme song for New Jack’s: Backyard Wrestling, music for Digimon: The Movie, vocals for various Japanese Anime, Scorpio: The Album( another professional wrestler), The Cincinnati Bengals Theme song, The Record Producer Reality Show: Bradley Spalter(as producer), Canton Jones, The Basement(doing production, graphics, commercials, web-designs and logos) and last but not least Mark Correll Ministries.
Some of his work has been aired on MTV,CW, BET, INSP(Inspiration Network), CNN, HLN, MSNBC, NICKELODEON, CARTOON NETWORK, TRAVEL CHANNEL,Rave Motion Picture and ENTERTAINMENT TV. He has also done a trailer for The basement Ministry that was aired at Rave Motion Pictures.
Using his unique talents and creativeness has brought him a long way in the industry and so weyXstreamGroup,LLC was born. Ouiwey is the founder and mastermind behind all projects stemming from the company. As both an artist and producer of such complex projects, Ouiwey has shared his passion with his customers for over 15 years, keeping them in awe and excited to see what comes next from this creative genius.
If you are interested in contacting Ouiwey or one of his board members, write to weyxstreamgroupllc@gmail.com Please include your name, phone number and what it is you wish to discuss.

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