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Outsidethebox Productions is a unique outfit, providing both editor education, as well as customary editing services. Composed of equal parts, personal drive and necessity, we bring both professionalism and inspiration to each project.

We offer a comprehensive tutorial assortment of Avid Media Composer, After Effects, and Final Cut Pro segments. Each easy-to-follow segment inspires newcomers and expands the professional abilities within seasoned users.

Outsidethebox Productions is available for freelance editing assignments. We strive to work with the production team, to shape a production that realizes its fullest potential.

Our founder, Fernando J. Gorostieta has been able to work on Music videos, Titles, Movie Trailers, Short films (Comedy, Horror, Documentaries, etc. ). Graduating from The Los Angeles Film School in the year of 2011, he has been able to expand his knowledge on different editing applications that are used in the professional world, such as Avid Media Composer, After Effects, Final Cut pro 7.

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