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I was born in Portland, Oregon and grew up playing baseball, basketball, soccer, reading, writing and drawing. I played varsity basketball in high school, was voted a three-year captain of my college baseball team and had a major league tryout as a pitcher. After college I created short films, designed websites and recorded an indie rock album as the Oyl Miller Band that you can download on iTunes.

My creative projects led me to Wieden+Kennedy 12, an experimental, year-long advertising school inside of the W+K Portland headquarters. The experience gave me the opportunity to channel my passion for writing and art into making brands come to life.

After W+K12, I joined Wieden+Kennedy as a creative on Nike, which drew on my extensive background in competitive sports and lifelong love of creativity. Eventually I was recruited by W+K’s Tokyo office as a copywriter to work on Nike Asia Pacific. Ironically, my first assignment in Tokyo was to fly to London and shoot a Nike Football commercial featuring Cristiano Ronaldo. During my time at W+K I have concepted and produced campaigns across a range of Nike categories. I’ve been privileged to work with some of the world’s best athletes, named a product line and created illustrations for the 2010 World Cup.

At W+K Tokyo I’ve also been able to concept and produce campaigns for Sony PlayStation, Nikon, Delta Airlines and Google. I love discovering what is unique about a brand and inventing a way to communicate that spirit with a provocative voice that wins the brand more fans.

Outside of my advertising duties at the agency, I continue to write, shoot, record and draw in my spare time. My writings have been published in McSweeney’s and various other online publications. I maintain several blogs and experiment in all sorts of digital media. I have a continued interest in filmmaking, illustration and music production.

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