Paul Atkins

Cardiff, United Kingdom

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Hi, I'm a designer from Cardiff with 17 years experience in digital screen design. I started off with the BBC working on live programing and post production design, which was a steep learning curve at the time but it sharpened me up. I later joined Splash Computer Graphics and later was awarded a BAFTA while I was at Eclipse Creative.

As I've become older as a designer, I'm more eclectic in what I love and appreciate about design. Everything has its place and there is no such thing as a bad brief...well there's not many! I think mood and atmosphere are key in what I enjoy and hope it comes out in my work.

I particularly enjoy documentaries, especially historic and of course cinema, which is the finest expression of
human emotion. I'm a keen photographer but my great love is painting abstract expressionism.

I will add more to my profile very soon.


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