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Paddle8 ( is the premier online art marketplace founded by Aditya Julka and Alexander Gilkes, working with a
curated selection of the world's most respected galleries, art fairs, foundations and museums to expand their global reach and to
provide its substantial collector community with a new point of access to fine works of art. On the front end, Paddle8 seeks to provide its members with the most sophisticated portal for viewing, learning about and acquiring works online. On the back end, Paddle8 aims to provide galleries, foundations and fairs with an innovative and transformative suite of tools and services via Paddle8's “virtual registrar,” a fully integrated and proprietary technological platform aimed at enhancing the efficiency of traditional back office processes. The site’s original content seeks to provide context and curation to the works available on the site, including web only exhibitions and projects curated by notable cultural figures, such as Marina Abramovic, "dossier" video and text including interviews with artists, archival materials, a blog covering cultural happenings, and more.

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