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The Palenque Norte journey began with the legendary Entheobotany Conferences held at the Chan Kah hotel near the ancient Mayan ruins just outside of Palenque, Mexico. There, Terence McKenna, Jonathan Ott, Ann & Sasha Shulgin, and a host of other psychedelic luminaries passed along many insights, discoveries, and wild tales to the fortunate Tribe members who were there. And it was at the end of the pool where Terence McKenna gave some of his last talks at the Chan Kah.

Years later, then in 2003, a few alumni from those conferences decided to have a "Palenque reunion" at the Burning Man Festival, and so we organized a theme camp and lecture series to continue the Palenque tradition. The magic is returning this year in 2012, as we’ve combined forces with the folks who produced the Saraswati Speaker Series in 2011. This year’s topics will feature discussion surrounding topics such as altered states of consciousness, plant medicines, and spiritual growth and transformation.

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