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Palissimo's mission is to attain artistic liberty in pursuit of communion/dialogue with the audience through live performances, research, and teaching.

Palissimo pursues artistic liberty by tying together disparate ideas and individuals, using the power of dance to transcend verbal communication and connect with audiences. By integrating sound, set design, dance, and video, Palissimo creates intelligent, innovative work, which is accessible to audiences without requiring them to learn a new "language" to understand. An audience member may lose the literal thread of the work, but still grasp the intrinsic meaning of the piece. In that moment of understanding, Palissimo accomplishes its mission.

Palissimo seeks a communion with the audience. Art is not merely self-expression, but in its purest form is a selfless act of communion. Self-expression is meaningless unless it meets with a response in others. Rather than merely hearing one's own echo, Palissimo seeks to create "a spiritual bond with others." True artistic communication is neither didactic nor a soliloquy, but occurs when we bring our longings, fears and questions into a dialogue with others. The artist must not only exhibit their strength, but expose their weaknesses, for only humility can destroy the walls that separate the artist from the audience. It is a sacrifice on the part of the artist to bring their doubts, bewilderment and half-formed beliefs into the presence of another, knowing that they will likely be misinterpreted and misunderstood. Palissimo is committed to taking that chance with each of its projects, thus aspiring to what we stumble upon in great art--communion through vulnerability and exposure.

Even though Palissimo's main focus lies in movement and dance, it treats every aspect of performance as equal. Similarly it considers the research and creative process as valuable as the final outcome in the form of a production. Palissimo is committed to sharing the process with the audience through open rehearsals, discussions and workshops.

Palissimo strives to explore and magnify that which is at the core of each individual involved in the creative process. Though we can learn from other people's experiences, it is vital to the creative process to dip into the core of our unrivaled being since each of us has a unique experience.

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