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Pamela Barberi (PamFiction) was born in Florence in 1978. She graduated in 2006 in Film History and Criticism at the University of Florence - DAMS with Professor Alessandro Bernardi.
She currently lives in Scandicci (Florence). Active as an independent video-maker working for years on the urban environment, with particular attention to changes that occur and to the emotions and feelings of the people who inhabit it.
In 2008 she got a scholarship from Scandicci Cultura to realize “Note di e su Bucharest”, a report on musical underground culture of the capital. This gives rise to the collaboration with Scandicci Culture to make documentaries on local reality.
In 2009 she collaborated with Fondazione Marangoni for the project “Codici Binari”, partecipatine to a group exibition at the Ginger Zone in Scandicci.
In collaboration with Centro di Documentazione Audiovisiva del Comune di Pontassieve e Kinkaleri, she has made a series of installation, starting from a reflection on the territory of Val di Sieve e Valdarno.
Since 2006 she has been collaboratine with the Association Fabbrica Europa, whose she has been a member since 2010, as part of interdisciplinare projects and media developed with the European network Roots & Routes


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